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Our 96 acre fenced Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunting Ranch, or as some may call it a preserve, contains a stream bottom, swamp area, pine, cherry, white and red oak forest, along with golden rod fields, and food plots strategically located throughout.

While at the ranch you will have your own private quarters with delicious home cooked meals. We also have a 100-yard shooting range to sight in your rifle when you arrive.

You will be provided with a private guide, who will assist you in evaluating your trophy whitetail deer, but you make the decision to pull the trigger or release the arrow. We provide all transportation on the ranch and limit our hunts to no more than 2 hunters at any one time, unless you are part of a larger group, to maintain high trophy quality. 

Foremost Indemnification

All Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunting Trips are one to three days; Velvet Hunts are late August and all other Trophy Deer Hunts run Sep through Dec.

Local arrangements for taxidermy work or meat preparation can be made.

No license fees or hidden costs.

SCI Score -------------------- Price 
151”-159" --------------------- $3500
160”-169" --------------------- $4500
170”-179" --------------------- $5500
180”-189" --------------------- $6500
190”-199" --------------------- $7500
200”-210" --------------------- $8550
210"+ --------- CALL FOR PRICE!

Don't forget to ask about our specials.

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Foremost Trophy Whitetail Deer HuntingRanch

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All hunts require a $500 booking fee that will be applied to your hunt.

Question: What is included in a Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunt?

Answer: We supply the food, lodging and transportation while at the ranch. Field dressing your deer, weighing and scoring your buck (SCI Scoring system).

Question: What should I do if I have food allergies?
Answer: Let us know before your stay, so we can plan for meals accordingly. See Hunting Application sheet and also Release Forms.

Question: Is meat preparation included?
Answer: Sorry no. We do have a facility to do your own, with a walk-in cooler. We do have local butchers that can help as well. Within three miles we have an excellent meat processor that will do specialty cuts and processing.

Question: Do you recommend a taxidermist?
Answer: Yes. We have a list of local taxidermists. We do have an excellent taxidermist we highly recommend. We use Jordan Taxidermy which is about 1 hour south east of our Ranch. Shipping arrangements can be made.

Question: Where is the Hunting Ranch Located?
Answer: The Trophy Deer Hunting Ranch is located between Shippenville and Marble in Clarion County in Northwestern Pennsylvania.

Question: Is a hunting license required?
Answer: No a hunting license is not required. There are also No Seasonal limitations or special hunting hour restrictions.

Hunt pricing Up to 130" $1,800.00 USD Up to 150" $2,700.00 USD Up to 170" $4,050.00 USD Up to 190" $6,300.00 USD Up to 210" $8,550.00 USD Hunt Pricing

Guided Trophy Deer Hunts

Foremost Trophy Deer Hunting

An experienced Guide will be with you at all times during your Trophy Deer Hunt. Guided Trophy Deer Hunts at the ranch are conducted in various ways which include hunting from blinds, spot and stalk hunting, and other methods at the hunter’s request. We are fully insured, and we do not use Tree Stands for insurance reasons.

You will hunt from either an Elevated 8x12 Blind with a wood stove or an Octagon Ground blind. We also have (3) 4x8 Blinds with sliding windows and vent pipes to take your scent 10’ into the air. All Blinds have optics and heat if necessary.

Whether you are looking to harvest your first Trophy Buck or a Trophy Buck of a lifetime this is the place for you. Come as a client and leave as a friend, with a better understanding of the world of the Whitetail Deer.  

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Foremost Trophy Hunting Ranch
Foremost Trophy Hunting Ranch
Foremost Trophy Hunting Ranch
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Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunting Trips

Ranked as one of the Top Pennsylvania Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunting Destinations in 2019 by Ranch Review and Outfitter Connection!

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