Madelyn Carruthers-Landis (PA)November 2, 2013
I had a lot of firsts: my husband, BJ, gave me the opportunity to do my first buck hunt qith Bob and Mark. Lasy year for Christmas, he gave me my first rifle, a 243 Ruger, to use. It was my first time to hunt on ranch. BJ and I had our sights on a double drop tine. What a tophy for my first buck. We thought we lost him, but on the second day, Bob and Mark made it possible for me to take me monster buck. It was very emotional; I was happy that I made the perfect shot, but was sad to take an animal's life. Mark showed me how to approach the deer, the process of the deer, and the handling of the meat. Bob kept saying take your time - shott when you are ready. Don't rush... Their hospitality made us feel like family. The hunting lodge was very homey (clean and comfortable). My first photo opt with my monster buck. I've been showing him off to everyone. I think BJ was so proud and so happy that he was there for my first buck hunt. Excellent new friends, excellent location and excellent first hunting experience.

Thank You, Bob and Mark

Vince & Darcy (PA)January 11, 2015:
Better than ever!! Bobby & Mark again thank you so very much for the great time again that we shared! Darcy is still on a high from the biggest buck of her lifetime and its 3 months since that super hunt. We are looking so forward to be with the pair of you again in 2015. Thank you so very much for making things so special.

Love, Darcy & Vince

BillOct 12, 2020
I arrived  home in Canton, GA and want to thank you for the hospitality and amazing hunting adventure. A big part of “getting away” to hunt each year is about decompressing and centering. Your property is beautiful and the experience was exactly what I needed. I met you as an acquaintance, but truly believe I left as a friend. Thank you for everything. From waking early and cooking breakfast, to feeding the deer, to walking the property, and meeting your friends…it was beyond special. I completely enjoyed and treasured meeting Shorty and Rusty, Gayle and AJ at O’Neill’s Grocery and Sean the Taxidermist…thank you. You invited me into your world and circle…and it is beyond measure. I really appreciated Mark. He is a great guy. He is a great guide…I can’t express my appreciation for his help with my hunt.  Just hanging out and talking about life (and motorcycles) was incredibly special. It was terrific to simply  hang out and watch football on Sunday (although I hate the Chiefs lost!) You and Mark made it very comfortable. I felt as if I was visiting family. I’m excited for him and his new chapter in his life. Meeting his daughter and Rowan Dodd was special! Again, I felt as though I was “Uncle Bill”…hard to express, but I’m sure you understand. Bob, my most sincere “thank you” for the last couple of days. It was fantastic. I told Monk about you and the experience and I hope to visit you again next year. I probably won’t hunt, just hang out with y’all. Monk would adore the experience. It would be very cool to meet Darcy and her husband if we can make schedules coincide. Take care and my best to you, Mark and your Family.

Jake (ME) - March 8, 2012
Great Place, Great People, Awesome Deer!

Dr. Darcy AndersonDecember 31
Flu Cured by a Deer Hunt!
On December 31st , I went on a hunt given to me as a Christmas gift from my husband at my favorite place, Foremost Trophy Whitetails. I woke up with the flu, but my heart was still in the hunt and I was happy to be with my husband and our very special Guide, Mark. We hunted all morning and got a glimpse of a beautiful buck, but it was too far of a shot with my bow. As the day came to a close, Mark picked us up from our blind and said, “Come on, I spot that buck”. Mark was very intense, and the daylight was dwindling fast as we proceeded to stalk down the four-wheeler path. We saw the buck with three others as the stalk came to a close. He and another buck stood facing each other. I knew my buck was going to bolt so I put my pin on him and took the 54-yard shot. I yelled with excitement, “I got
him!”. We went to where I shot and saw blood covered the snow; Mark proceeded to run down and track him. He was the most beautiful buck I could have ever wanted. I’ve been with Nark and Bobby for four years and without a doubt, this is a dream place to be! The Foremost Frontier Lodge and friendship is the best I could ask for.

Dr. Darcy Anderson

Shelbie (Penn State Student) (PA) - August 1, 2012
I really enjoyed the hands-on experience I received, and I gained a whole new respect for these special animals. Everything was exciting and every day was different. The fawns were so much fun to work with and I would do it all again if I had the chance. I want to send a special thanks out to Bob Lieberum for
letting me come and work with him and I can honestly say it was a great experience.

Foremost Trophy Whitetail Hunting Ranch Testimonials

Foremost Trophy Hunting Ranch
Foremost Trophy Hunting Ranch

Karen (PA)October 20, 2015:
Dear Bob and Mark, I wanted to thank you for my incredible trip to your Foremost Hunting Ranch. My time there with my husband was fantastic and I couldn't have hoped for a better time! I love the awesome deer that I got while hunting! He is beautiful and I am very excited to have him on my wall! I also love it that his feet are so big, as they will all make two great racks. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed our time at Foremost. The woods and fields were lovely to walk through and we saw a lot of wildlife. I loved seeing black squirrels, chipmunks, a pheasant, woodpeckers, and of course, seeing all of the fabulous deer! It was incredible to be able to observe firsthand, how the deer interact with one another and to see all of the deer behavior occurring that I have only read about or heard about at outdoor shows. It was so neat to see the whitetails going about their lives in the woods and meadows. The deer were beautiful and impressive to see, and their antlers were incredible! It was truly a hunt of a lifetime!

Thank you, Bob and Mark, Karen Dewees

Ty (ME) - December 20, 2012
Thanks to Bob & Mark I learned a lot about big buck behavior and the vocalization they do during the rut. You have so many mature bucks it was overwhelming to experience! The best part was being able to see my Great-Great Uncle Leo harvest his MONSTER buck that meant so much to me! My hunt was incredible.

Thanks Bob & Mark. - Youth hunters dream place!

Vince (PA)November 11, 2013
WOW!!!! What a super time with 2 of the most wonderful outdoorsman I know. Bob, thank you for the education you gave me and Lee on whitetails. Your expertise is outstanding! Bob you and Mark run a class A operation my 44 years of hunting deer have been great but the time i got to spend with Mark in the field was the greatest time of my life! Mark thank you so much for all you did for Lee and I. You were the true and positive way to keep us up and our batteries charged. You give 150 percent of yourself! We came as hunters to you guys, but now we will be coming back as family. The lodge and being pampered was unreal thank you soooo much for a lifetime dream!!!!

Always a buddy, Vince

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Leo (NH)December 20, 2012
This hunt meant a lot to me getting the opportunity to see mature bucks chasing does in the rut scraping, rubbing trees sharing this experience with my 2x great nephew! Harvesting a mature buck over 250lbs dressed was a dream come true! Special thanks to Bob & Mark your hunting facility and hospitality was A+++.

Randy Curcio (PA)March 29, 2016:
These guys are awesome, very friendly. I couldn't believe how many beautiful bucks were on their ranch. I would definitely return another time.

NatalieOct 14, 2020
Birthday Buck 2020:  Trip of a lifetime! For years I have hunted all over but never had the opportunity to put my hands on a big buck but finally after begging my dad and saying one day it will happen.  That day finally came!  My Dad (John) surprised me and told me that we were going to Foremost Trophy Hunting Ranch in October and meeting closed family friends Darcy and Vinnie there as well.  When we arrived we were greeted by Bobby and Mark with open arms, it felt like visiting family.  Thank you Foremost Ranch for a hunt of a lifetime. I was fortunate to harvest the buck of my dreams! Memories that will last forever!

Dave (PA)October 19, 2015:
Unbelievable Hunt of a Lifetime!! Bob and Mark are the consummate professionals and gave me one of the best times and hunts of my life!! I shot a 150-class buck that would make your heart stop--truly amazing! Personable, friendly, warm, no pressure, engaging, knowledgeable...these are adjectives to describe Bob and Mark. They were also terrific with assisting me in getting my buck processed and introduced me to a great taxidermist. So thrilled!! Run, don't walk to this incredible ranch!!!!

Foremost Trophy Hunting Ranch

Nate (ME) - March 8, 2012
A challenging enjoyable place to hunt and experience the thrill of seeing whitetail in a natural setting.